Will you ever learn Cantonese? 
I don’t know. But this book will give you a fighting chance.

This book does NOT have the secret key to learning Cantonese. It’s not another resource telling you that you just need to “immerse yourself”, or that you can “pick it up naturally”.
Instead, we go step by step through the language-learning advice you’re 
likely to get from well-meaning Cantonese speakers, and explain why these intuitively logical ideas don’t ultimately work for most people. This “via negativa” will prepare you to avoid time-wasting mistakes, so that you can reach your language-learning goals!

There’s a ton of advice about how to learn Cantonese, but unfortunately, a lot of it leads to frustration and failure.

Language learning is your responsibility, and only you can find the method that will work for you. Will you succeed?
Actually, this is a quote from Narcotics Anonymous…
but Einstein would agree!
Cantonese Coaching